Law, Gender and Sexuality: sources and methods in socio-legal research

This socio-legal research training day in May 2014 on Law, Gender and Sexuality: sources and methods in socio-legal research, organised collaboratively by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), the Socio-Legal Studies Association and the British Library, drew attention to archives and their content that newcomers to the field may not be aware of and to consider the methodological and practical issues involved in analysing sources.

Programme details

Feminism and the Law:

Multi Collection Repositories:

Law and Same Sex Partnerships:

Legal Professions and Education:

  • The IALS Archives of Legal Education - Elizabeth Dawson (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)
  • Researching the UK's first female law professor: thinking about gender, method and sources - Professor Fiona Cownie (Keele University School of Law)
  • On Researching Men, Masculinities and Law: The Examples of Fatherhood and the Legal profession - Professor Richard Collier (Professor of Law and Social Theory, Newcastle University)

Visual Sources & Methods in Law, Gender and Sexuality scholarship:

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