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Eagle-i (Electronic Access to Global Legal Information) is a free to use dedicated portal to high quality legal information sources on the Web - developed by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies as a national service for law.

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Find high quality resources for law on the web - search the Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law.

Eagle-i is designed to help legal researchers find relevant information on the Internet - providing insight into authoritative web resources and the most reliable sites and materials, through site profiles, content assessments and well-maintained dynamic links.

Coverage includes: UK, European, Foreign, Comparative and International law

The Internet has become a valuable research tool for law but finding the most relevant and trusted sites can demand time and a range of information skills.

  • Who is the source?
  • What is the content?
  • When was the information produced and published?

The Eagle-i portal's Internet resource database is designed to help save time and aid discerning use of the Internet.

Eagle-i can be searched using a simple search screen which enables you to find relevant sites from words in the title or our description. Brief results provide a link to the site itself and an option to see more detail about the site. Over 5,500 resource records in Eagle-i feature brief evaluative descriptions indicating who is providing the site and why - with a note on important content and coverage to help in judging which Internet resources are appropriate for your particular legal studies and research.

Searches can be focused on sites concerned with a particular country or jurisdiction.
Eagle-i has worldwide coverage and includes records for sites dealing with more than 200 countries as well as non-governmental international bodies and organisations involved in international law.

Searches can also be filtered by a range of resource types represented in the database. These include primary and secondary legal materials such as: legislation, law reports, treaties, government sites, journals, professional organisations, resource guides, and social media.

Subject keywords are assigned to site records to help identify a full range of legal topics.

Eagle-i is designed to enable law lecturers, researchers and students to discover and access quality Internet resources. It builds on records originally created by IALS for the respected Intute: Law service (which is no longer being updated) and continues our work in identifying the best of the web for law.

The successor to the award-winning national Intute and SOSIG law gateways, provides description and evaluation of selected high quality and authentic legal information sources on the web. By agreement IALS has harvested and enhanced law records rescued from Intute - helping to ensure the continued availability of quality-driven facilities for the national legal research communities and encourage inclusion in skills training.

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Page last updated: 19th January 2022